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Olivier Rochet - Value is the World's Leader


Value is everywhere. Value does have so many forms. Value leads the world, as a whole as much as within any single one of us. The rules to value are changing. More than ever, the world needs AWARENESS.

In this essay, you will learn the key fundamentals that explain human behaviors in the conquest of value. You will learn the business rules to value, and the strategic notions to manage value in a purposeful manner, to benefit both your personal and professional life. You will get the keys to unlock your FAST-LEARNING potential. And prepare for FAST-GROWTH.

Ultimately, you will understand why there is a problem with value. And find a clue to contribute to solve it.

Olivier Rochet is an investment professional and an entrepreneur, focusing on value creation strategies in a global perspective. Graduate from École Centrale Paris and from HEC Paris with an Executive MBA, he sharpened his focus as an amateur guitar player (accordion gold medallist in his youth), and a retired go-karting competitor (French championship 13th in 2002).


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